100 Clear 14mm Single DVD Cases

April 8, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ CD/DVD Cases & Sleeves,Clear DVD Cases

Package your discs in the industry’s standard case.
Make your DVD package look like a winner with our DVD Cases. These cases are High Quality and come with a clear plastic outer sleeve to hold a wraparound cover insert.

Made of sturdy plastic, these DVD Cases open like a book. Outside they are surrounded by a thin, clear plastic sheet that holds a wraparound cover. Inside, the case can hold a disc and a printed insert. A locking hub holds the disc by its center hole.

Please Note: This Product is available for customers who plan to assemble their own CD & DVD Projects, if you have selected the cases from the packaging option on the CD & DVD Print & Duplication page you do not have to order these from here separately as the price for the covers are included in those packaging options